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                                    About My Pens

    Pen Parts Platings

    24kt Gold - The basic Gold plating, fairly durable but will eventually wear.
    Cobalt Gold - A much more durable Gold plating, much more durable than 24kt Gold.
    10kt Gold - More durable than 24kt or Cobalt Gold since it is mixed with other alloys to make it harder.
    Titanium Gold - The most durable Gold plating; will get shinier over time.
    Black Titanium - A very hard, Extremely durable plating - changes color depending on how the light reflects off the      
    surface. Limited availability but probably the most wear resistant
    Polished Chrome - Very shiny, very durable (look at your car bumper) - This is the best plating for key rings.
    Satin or Brushed Chrome - A dull chrome finish, not quite as durable as polished chrome.
    Platinum or Rhodium - Used on jewelry, very shiny chrome-like appearance. Very durable but can be expensive.
    Gun Metal - A moderately durable plating - appearance very similar to Black Titanium.
    Swiss Rose Gold, Sterling Silver - The most elegant and expensive platings - Very limited availability.
    There are other platings available but on a special order basis.

    Woods & Materials

    The wood from Maryland's Wye Oak Tree is my special wood.
    I currently work with about 70 species of wood and am always on the lookout for more, especially something out of
    the ordinary. Among the woods I use are some very rare species which are in very limited supply and I also use
    some burls and dyed woods - such as maple and boxelder burls, -  dymondwood, colorply, and colorgrain (which
    are dyed maple, birch, or poplar veneers glued together). I also use man-made products such as acrylics,
    polyester and epoxy resins, and solid surface (Corian, etc.).
    If you want a certain wood, I may be able to get it for you.
    I can even make pens, etc. from a special piece of wood, or even antler, that you may have.


    All of the pens & pencils I make are refillable. The refills are readily available almost anywhere from the office
    supply stores to the big box stores or on the internet. The ballpoint pens use either a "Cross" or "Parker" style refill.
    The fountain pens use either bottled ink or the small about 1-1/4" long cartridges. Rollerball pens use a standard
    rollerball refill - most use a Cross selectip or Waterman but also a Pilot G-2 will work. The mini-pens use the refills
    that are used in the 3-color pens. Each style pencil uses a different lead -.5mm; .7mm; .9mm, 2mm drafting lead,
    or a 5.6mm sketching lead.

    Caring For Your Pens

    I use either a lacquer based finish, a 'French-Polish', or an oil based finish on my products followed by a wax
    coating. Care for these products as you would a fine piece of furniture - a microfiber cloth works best for cleaning
    and a coat of paste wax is sufficient for protection. DO NOT USE automotive waxes or solvents or silicone based
    waxes as these contain products that are detrimental to th finishes and woods. Most woods will darken with age
    and use, this is common - look at antiques. After repeated use the wood will develop a 'patina'. Even as small and
    thin as the wood is in these items, there is still some slight movement caused by the weather or conditions present.

                                  About Myself

    I am a professional cabinetmaker and architectural millwork specialist with over 40 years experience in the field of
    woodworking. I have worked in multi-million dollar custom homes and historic homes and have earned respect
    and  an excellent reputation from the people I have known and met. I started turning pens and pencils in the early
    part of the year 2000 as a way to use some of the scrap material my job produces and relax from the pressures of
    my job. Also, I now have a chance to use some of the most expensive, exotic, and rare woods without "breaking the
    bank", which I have wanted to use since my childhood.
    Although I am mostly "self - taught", I learned some of my skills from my family backgrounds and from some of the
    best professionals in my area, most who have either passed away or moved away from my hometown.

    I started  this company as part time home based business in January of 2002 so I could sell my merchandise at
    artisan and craft shows, which I now do 20+ of per year. Since I work full time as a cabinetmaker / millwork
    specialist , this is still a part time business. I do not have a storefront but work out of a small shop by my home. My
    business name is Olde Wye Pen Company, but I am more known as "da 'PEN' man" at the shows I attend and by
    my customers, hence the name of my website. I currently travel throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and
    Virginia to different artisan and craft shows, which I will list on this site. At some of these shows, I bring my lathe
    and turn the pens "right in front of your eyes".
    I also do demonstrations at some woodworking, craft, and art shows throughout Maryland.
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